Rules and regulations


For the comfort of your fellow guests please observe all Rules and Regulations


  • CAMPSITE CHANGES - Any campsite changes must be approved by the campsite manager. While we do our best to accommodate site preferences we cannot guarantee specific sites.


  • SPEED LIMIT - Campground speed limit is 10kmh.


  • SECURITY - The campground owners are not responsible for vehicles or belongings brought onto the campground. Please lock your valuables in your vehicle whenever possible.


  • PRIVACY - Always be courteous and respectful of other campers.


  • QUIET TIME - Quiet hours are from 10pm to 8am. Music is not permitted after 10pm. LOUD music is not permitted at any time.


  • BARN - Please keep out of the barn at all times.


  • ANIMALS - Do not feed the farm animals anything other than the food provided at the petting farm. NEVER feed wild animals.


  • FIRE - Campfires are permitted in fire pits unless there is a fire closure in effect. NO fireworks or firearms.


  • TREE CUTTING - Do not cut or limb trees on the campsite or elsewhere on the property.


  • PETS - Pets must be on leash at all times. Pets must never be left unattended and owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.


  • SHOWERS - Please limit showers to 4 min. per person as water comes from a well and water conservation is important.


  • TOILETS –Do not flush foreign objects down toilets! This will plug the sewer pumps and will result in closing the washrooms for an extended period of time while repairs are made.


  • GARBAGE – Please keep all garbage in garbage bins provided. Keep your campsite clean. Wildlife including bears, crows and raccoons can become a nuisance when food and garbage are not properly stored.


  • RECYCLING – Pop/Beer cans and glass bottles are not to be thrown in the garbage. Blue bins are provided throughout the campground. Please recycle!! 


Thank you for your cooperation!